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I have heard quite a lot lately that I have changed. Some people are saying I have changed for the better, and some are saying its for the worse. Frankly, I believe its a good change. I honestly haven't changed so much for quite awhile. I've been exactly the same for about five years. I never used to do anything wrong and I would never dare say a curse word. The summer was stressful for me. I was being skyped every four seconds, I kept getting pressured by certain staff members to make changes I didn't want to make, and I lot a lot of friends in the process. The friends I lot were not too major, I say that because the only friends I lost are the ones who left me high and dry for Project Green. One player especially, you know who you are. The last server I owned two years ago wasn't nearly as stressful, we were a small community but overall the server lasted well for the six months we were up. I had to shut down due to money issues and I needed to pay more attention to school work. This time, the opposite happened. I am doing very well in school and money is not an issue since server hosting has gotten cheaper over the years (unless you want a dedicated server). Its hard to keep a player base while another group of people are doing everything they can to take all your players. I once got opped on Project Green when they weren't taking everything so seriously. I could have ended everything there. I admit, I kinda wish I did. I instead tried helping them to the best of my ability because I didn't want to be the person Project Green eventually tried to make me out to be. I eventually snapped when a certain player tried to bring my favorite player/favorite person on teh internets to Project Green. Duco and I then went on Project Green and started trying to mess things up. It was late at night, none of the staff were on. I was on an alt with a hacked client and duco was on his normal account helping me cheat to raid bases and he also built lag machines with materials I X-ray'd. You may be thinking at this point, "wait, why did you do this?". Well, I did it because I was done losing players to them, they were going to cheat to kill my server, then I was going to cheat to kill their server. In the end, only duco ended up getting caught. He told me not to bother telling them I helped as we wouldn't gain anything from that, only lose more. A few days later, Project Green started getting botted. Duc and I were laughing our asses off quite honestly, serves them right. The bots would constantly say "ITS LEGO M8". A day later, some random idiot comes on my server (I think the username started with ashes) and starts threatening to ddos me.I assume this person is bluffing, until he/she says "FOR PROJECT GREEN" in chat, I then lose my internet connection. So duco and I assumed it was lego. A day later, I was having an enjoyable time on my server with that "favorite player" (which ended up not stabbing me in the back for Project Green :D) when BornReady_ comes on saying Project Green's IP and tries to get people from my server to go on. My "favorite player" tells him to fuck off. After that, things were great for about an hour until that "backstabbing player" I keep mentioning comes on. I'll repost the chat from what I remember. (Not 100% accurate)

That Player: supermariozelda

Me: Yes?

That Player: Stop fucking messing with Project Green.

Me: ...?

That Player: We know you're the fucking botter.

Me: ... what

That Player: Fuck off from my favorite server

Me: I didn't bot them...

That Player: The bots have your fucking IP.

Me: Really? Then check my IP and compare?

Favorite Player: ...

That Player: wtf


(Note, at this point I did have a vpn on. I was hiding my IP from whoever was resolving it to ddos me, I kinda forgot at the time but it should be further proof I wasn't botting them. If I was botting them, the bots would have the VPNs IP, not mine.

Me: No

"That Player" left the game.

Me: I didn't bot them.

Favorite Player: I know

Me: I kinda wanna turn the whitelist on and make the server private.

Favorite Player: :D yesssssssssss

(Skipping about 20 mins, the whitelist was on at this point)

"That Player" has joined.

Favorite Player: WHAT

Me: How the fuck did you...

That Player: Turn off your VPN or I'll compare the IPs with DDoS.

Me: No, I'm not turning it off

Favorite Player: Why should he?

Favorite Player has banned That Player for: fuck you

About 10 seconds after the ban, I get ddosed. 

I admit, I used the botting incident as an excuse to go private. That's what a few of my favorite players wanted anyways. I'm aware this is very Tl;dr but its kinda all needed for the full story to be shown. Not much has changed since then. I did have an argument with miney and born which you can still find in the post called "The end already". The actual post was me ranting about Project Green and served no purpose other then that so I removed it. The comments are still there so feel free to read the argument. Some of you may be thinking, "if you didn't bot PG then who did?". I have one simple answer, mineyman himself. I found a video showing miney asking lego for an alt spammer/botter. Not solid proof, but I believe its enough to prove what I'm saying about the botting incident.


Full Img: http://imgur.com/igiwzIw

That's it for now, will edit if there are any updates.
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