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The End Already?

supermariozelda a posted Fri at 1:37

NOTE: I am not talking about the entire Project Green community. Although I do mean a lot of the "Higher Ups" on their server.

If you're reading this, you most likely have tried to join the server but saw it was whitelisted. Well, you can thank the dicks over at Project Green for that. I am not going to go into that much detail about what happened, but they have pissed me off so much in the past week its not even funny. They are saying I was botting them which was fucking bullshit... Ever since they started their server they have been trying to steal my players among doing other things. They do nothing but act like complete jerks whenever they come on my server. I have had several ddos attacks directed at me because of them. I am so fucking done. I hope you're happy. Anyways, about the whitelist. The server as it stands is a private RP server with all my friends. It may or may not go public on the same IP again. Chances are, if you're not whitelisted, you are most likely not going to be whitelisted. If you think you should be, msg me on skype... Don't bother messaging if I have known you for less than three months. Anyways, if you need help finding another good fac server, just go to badlion factions. Bigger server with plugins similar to ours and more professionally done. Here is the IP: mc.badlion.net... If you want to find my new public server whenever its out, look for it on your own. I am not inviting anyone personally except for my really good IRL and MC friends. It is going to be very different from this one. I will not be limited to what Miney's ECMCS used to be. Honestly Miney's ECMCS was a shit server and I would never admit it to myself. So many and few limitations at the same time, it was terrible. Anyways, when I release my next public server, don't expect it to be similar to this one at all. I have learned a lot more than I already knew about owning a server, I will do my best to make a better server next time. There will be a lot less mistakes then this one. Anyways, thanks for reading.

PS: Fuck Project Green ;)

PSS: Honestly, fuck Project Green

PSSS: I almost never curse, IRL or on the internet, but it was time to unleash the beast here...

PSSSS: Fuck Project Green :)

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