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You read the title correctly. Yes, we're coming back. Although, there will be changes. Looking back, the server wasn't run by me, it was run by the staff. If they asked me to change/do something, I would do it 90% of the time. Its going to be different. Three people have console and all of them will be considered just as much as as an owner as I am. I do pay the server costs, but there is a reason I am having more then one owner. Sanity. I have changed over the summer, dealing with everything on my server have stressed me so much I have gotten much more bitter, impatient, and irritable. I have already lost one of my IRL friends because of this. That is not all, I have started cursing a ton and I will get mad over the tiniest little things now. I still am told I am a very nice person both IRL and in game, but still. Project Green was causing a ton of stress. Their community was attempting to take all the players they could from my server. They turned many people against me because of their lies of me botting them. I removed the giant rant I wrote, but I let the comments remain. Now...


The server isn't going to come up instantly. It may be a month before it re opens and come back up. Also, unless someone leaves/gets demoted, we will not be recruiting anymore staff. Sorry Waxie, but we don't need you.

PS: I am not demoting Ally, I know this may piss some people off, but she is one of the owners ;) BYE!
supermariozelda a NOTE: We will be re launching soon after Sponge, and some essential plugins come out. That's right we'll be full fledged ...

The End Already?

supermariozelda a posted Aug 29, 14

Misterarmageddon x "Project Green" Sounds like a fucking global warming project. Little fucking retards, all serious about your g ...
BornReady_ Project Green is now over. I just want to make a few points. One, me or Josh have never sent anyone to grief or ddos you ...
ducobra I am to lazy to correct everything you said wrong. Mostly because you would pay no attention to your grammar anyways. So ...
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supermariozeldaGGServers just screwed me, I am moving to hosthorde, stay tuned for the new IP tomorrow.
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